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首发于Building Design+Construction。由BEED Asia必达亚洲整理,亚洲地区独家发布。

Funding for the nation’s 1,700 or so public two- and four-year colleges remains well below pre-recession levels. Average state spending per student has fallen 17%—about $1,525—since the recession, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.


Money woes will continue to affect capital budgets and operations and maintenance allocations, says Mike Broge, PE, LEED AP, Higher Education Market Leader with Affiliated Engineers. That will only worsen an already significant backlog of deferred maintenance at many institutions, he says.

“资金问题将继续影响预算、运营和维护的分配”。Mike Broge(PE,LEED AP,高等教育市场负责人)说,“这将会加剧本很多学校已经延迟的重要的建设和维护计划。

Rank, Firm, 2015 Revenue
1. Gensler $79,810,000
2. Perkins+Will $59,960,000
3. CannonDesign $56,800,000
4. EYP $46,539,910
5. Stantec $37,993,785
6. Robert A.M. Stern Architects $24,802,000
7. Clark Nexsen $24,561,000
8. S/L/A/M Collaborative, The $21,833,000
9. CO Architects $21,475,500
10. HDR $21,406,400

Rank, Firm, 2015 Revenue
1. Turner Construction Co. $1,124,325,847
2. Whiting-Turner Contracting Co., The $772,402,993
3. Skanska USA $535,834,200
4. Messer Construction Co. $521,400,000
5. Barton Malow Co. $470,447,175
6. Gilbane Building Co. $429,741,000
7. McCarthy Holdings $357,875,128
8. Consigli Building Group $343,722,913
9. Clark Group $335,471,145
10. Hensel Phelps $305,040,000

Rank, Firm, 2015 Revenue
1. AECOM $65,000,000
2. WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff $37,988,000
3. Jacobs $31,600,000
4. Affiliated Engineers $19,264,000
5. KJWW / TTG $16,943,913
6. Arup $15,856,593
7. Vanderweil Engineers $15,351,800
8. Simpson Gumpertz & Heger $13,586,000
9. Thornton Tomasetti $13,363,234
10. Dewberry $12,904,401

The University of Kansas leveraged a public-private partnership to initiate a $350 million redevelopment of its central district. The P3 deal includes a 265,000-sf integrated science building, a 40,000-sf student union, a central utility plant, student housing, and infrastructure upgrades. Most of the projects are scheduled for completion in mid-2018.

Kansa大学的启动一个PPP公私合作项目,斥资3.5亿美元重建其中心区域。第三期工程包括一个24619平方米的科学综合大楼,以及 3716平方米的学生中心,大多数的项目将于2018年中期完成。

The University of Kentucky is among the schools that are enlisting developers to oversee their large on-campus projects. Memphis-based EdR is developing 14 new residence halls totaling 2.6 million sf on the Lexington campus. Two buildings are scheduled to open this fall; the others will be completed next summer.


“This approach keeps costs off universities’ books while still allowing them to stay ahead of the competitive curve with their facilities and on-campus amenities,” says Tim Steigerwald, SVP with Messer Construction.Lack of capital has also contributed to a surge in master planning projects. Steigerwald says the University of Wisconsin is developing master plans for at least three large colleges, plus an overall campus infrastructure master plan. The goal: to achieve more efficient use of existing facilities through lower-cost renovations and spatial reconfigurations, thus avoiding costly additions or new facilities.

“通过调整资金投资分配的方法,达到节省学校成本,并仍然允许他们利用现有的校园设施保持领先的竞争曲线”,Messer Construction公司高级副总裁Tim Steigerwald说。缺乏资金的同时也导致总体规划项目激增。Steigerwald说Wisconsin大学至少有三个总体规划项目,以及一个整体校园基础设施的总体规划。发展目标是:实现对现有设施的更高效的利用,通过低成本改造和按需重新配置空间,从而避免增加成本或过度采购新设施。



To better equip students to excel in their future work environments, schools are developing a range of innovation spaces that promote hands-on, cross-disciplinary learning, foster unique business and industry partnerships, and encourage entrepreneurship.


Jeff Stebar, AIA, LEED AP, Higher Education Practice Leader at Perkins+Will, says that a phenomenon he calls “serendipitous cross-pollination” can occur across multiple disciplines working together in the same place. Such a structure models the 21st-century workplace and adds richness to the educational experience. “These spaces are typically owned by everyone, not by any specific college or dean,” he says.

Jeff Stebar(美国注册建筑师,LEED AP, Perkins+Will 高等教育实践负责人)将这一现象称为“偶然的异花授粉”,这将会促进在同一个教育空间中,实现跨学科协同工作。这种21世纪的工作空间结构模型将增加教育经验的丰富性,这些空间将属于每个老师和学生,而不是特定的学校或者校长。

That’s the idea behind the Collaborative Learning and Innovation Complex at Tufts University, Medford, Mass. Designer Stantec is transforming a 100-year-old warehouse into a new 95,000-sf facility that will house seven departments, ranging from physics and robotics to human development and community health. The teaching/research building incorporates open research labs shared by multiple areas of study, along with public social zones to foster interdepartmental collaboration. The project is part of a new Science and Technology Corridor that will also include a new 80,000-sf Science and Engineering Complex, designed by Payette. It is scheduled to open in 2017.

这是在Tufts大学的“协作学习”和“创新综合体”背后的想法。Medford, Mass(Stantec设计师) 正在把一个拥有100年历史的仓库改造成新的95000平方英尺的教育设施,这座拥有七个大空间的建筑,将实现从物理、机器人到人类发展和社区卫生的功能。教学/研究建筑在多个研究领域构建了开放研究实验室。该项目是一个新的科技空间的一部分,还将包括一个新的80000平方英尺的科学工程综合楼,由Payette设计,将于2017年开放。

At the University of Utah, Lassonde Studios, designed by CannonDesign and Yazdani Studio, fuses a 400-bed residence hall with 20,000 sf of “garage space” where students can build a prototype, attend an event, or launch a business. Opening this fall, the facility has been designed to advance the university’s nationally ranked entrepreneurship program.

Utah大学Lassonde工作室,由Cannon Design和Yazdani工作室设计完成,融合了一个400张床位的学生宿舍,并20000平方英尺的“车库空间”,学生可以在这里构建创意原型,参加活动,或启动创业,将于今年秋天开放。

College libraries are also adapting to include technology-driven laboratories, informal group study workspaces, and cafés. A new 220,000-sf library under construction on Temple University’s main campus in Philadelphia will replace an existing 1960s-era facility with a dynamic, technology-rich environment. Designed by Snøhetta and Stantec, the $170 million project will accommodate Temple’s 2.5-million volume collection, student study space, research space, and staff areas.

新型的高校的图书馆也包括技术驱动实验室、非正式团体研究工作区和咖啡馆。一座新的220000平方英尺的图书馆,正在 Temple University主校区进行建设,将通过新技术变革来取代现有的1960年代的原有设施。由Snøhetta和Stantec设计,耗资1.7亿美元的项目,将容纳众多学生学习空间,研究空间,和员工区域。

A renewed interest in health careers is fueling demand for new health profession classroom buildings, clinical labs, and health-related research facilities.


“This trend is due in large part to a growing number of students who recognize the career opportunities afforded by a healthcare industry in the midst of a significant workforce shortage,” says Steve Rhoades, PE, LEED AP, Managing Principal, KJWW.

”这一趋势在很大程度上是由于越来越多的学生意识的转变,学生们认识到医疗行业中劳动力短缺带来了更多职业机会。 Steve Rhoades(KJWW公司,PE, LEED AP, Managing Principal)

A 70,000-sf addition to the Columbia University nursing school is currently under construction in Manhattan. Designed by CO Architects and FXFOWLE, the seven-story structure will supplement the school’s existing classroom facilities with healthcare simulation technology, research facilities, and collaboration space. Expected to open in 2017, the building will include mock operating rooms, ICUs, ERs, and exam rooms where students can hone their nursing skills.

一座70000平方英尺的项目正在Columbia哥伦比亚大学护理学院进行。由CO Architects 和 FXFOWLE公司设计,包括七层结构的建筑将补充现有学校的教室设施与医疗仿真技术,研究设施和合作空间。项目将于2017年完工,届时将包括模拟手术室、ICU、ER和实验房间,在那里学生们可以真正提升他们的护理技能。

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